Friday, April 16, 2010

RON Philbeck in the HOUSE!

Sorry for the delay - but I have been busy scraping paint on the front of the shop.

SO - we got a hoard of Ron Philbeck Pottery here at MADE shop. Ron lives in beautiful Shelby NC. We used to pass through Shelby every time we went to Charlotte.

Rons pots, not unlike all of our contemporary pottery fits into a "school" dare I say a "tree" of potters - with common links. ROCK CREEK pottery - aka Douglass Rankin and Will Ruggles have much to do with the development of this branch of the tree. One bit of difference with Rons pots is his decorative style - kinda FOLK kinda Cartoon kinda NICE - very functional. Electric fired redware with lots oh white slip and scratch mastering. Go to the pottery page to see more or come to MADE shop and grab a pot for yourself.

Have a great day - DAVE!