Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Restoration in Progress. Open for business!

Hello All -

Last week was a doozie - first we had family matters - had to close on Sunday and then Monday had to close early so I could get my wisdom teeth yanked - not fun I must say but OVER. I am a bit sore but looking forward to the un-sore times.

So - all that stuff is over for now but let me fill you in on a couple of things MADE shop related in the very near future,

1) Saturday May 1st we will be participating in INDIEpendent handmade market at the Trexlertown Grange. - details click the link.

2) Sunday May 2nd we will be participating in the OCAC Community Block Party. (video from last years event)
At both events we will have a selection of items from the discerning eyes of the MADE shop owners - (ME and Tess)

3)on the 28th of MAY the whole FAM is off to IRELAND for a much needed visit. WE will try to post from there if we get a chance. WE will be visiting a few Dublin Galleries and picking up work from our Gallery in Kilkenny - Also a visit to Thomastown - Grennan Mill Craft School - to see about perhaps teaching a workshop in the future. I will be back in town on the 17th of June.

Plus tons of NEW work at the shop -

Stop on by and check out our wares.


Lisa Colby in the house!

Great wares from the ST. Louis maker - my motherland by the way!

Just wanted to mention (if you had not noticed already)that I have been slowly for the past few weeks renovating the windows at the MADE shop. Some time ago I discovered that the trim around all of the front windows is COPPER. Actually not just your average copper but fancy embossed copper - unfortunately with at least 3-4 layers of paint.

So - my goal is to:
1)rid said copper of paint
2)"polish" said copper
3)UV lacquer said copper
4)ending with beautiful Copper lined window.
5)plus adding at least 20+ inches to front window with the discovery of painted over - top window portions
6)inside ceiling will be torn down and prettied up to expose fore mentioned top window section
7)resulting in a "larger" feeling to MADE shop inside and out.

First round discovery and contemplation stage - (Should I or Shouldn't I)

in process stripping

in process stripping

lacquer coated copper trim

Sunday, April 25, 2010


MADE shop will be closed today.

We have some good family things
that have taken hold of this day.

Sorry for any inconvienience - see you Monday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Joanna Gollberg - PRONG SETTER.....

Joanna Gollberg - up in our MADE shop CRIB!
Very happy to have the inventive sterling PRONG sets of Joanna Gollberg at MADE shop.
She is a Asheville NC native and if you need more information just check out her RESUME.

Her mix of Rough and Faceted - Precious and NOT - stones adds tons of color and intrigue to her soldered "cages". Each stone is different gets its own special cage/prong set. WE love having cool studio jewelry here at our shop. Small studio made jewels lead to more coolness in your life. If you want to see the work live just come on down to the shop we would be happy to show you all of it.

Also new Jewels by Lisa Colby, Stacey Lane, and Ceramicist Ron Philbeck - plus lots and lots of new KIDROBOTS.

As the sign on the door says - BEWARE THE COOL STUFF! - (IDE WROTE THAT)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


We hope you enjoy your Kidrobots!

Friday, April 16, 2010

RON Philbeck in the HOUSE!

Sorry for the delay - but I have been busy scraping paint on the front of the shop.

SO - we got a hoard of Ron Philbeck Pottery here at MADE shop. Ron lives in beautiful Shelby NC. We used to pass through Shelby every time we went to Charlotte.

Rons pots, not unlike all of our contemporary pottery fits into a "school" dare I say a "tree" of potters - with common links. ROCK CREEK pottery - aka Douglass Rankin and Will Ruggles have much to do with the development of this branch of the tree. One bit of difference with Rons pots is his decorative style - kinda FOLK kinda Cartoon kinda NICE - very functional. Electric fired redware with lots oh white slip and scratch mastering. Go to the pottery page to see more or come to MADE shop and grab a pot for yourself.

Have a great day - DAVE!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lisa Colby Jewels Arriving Soon.

Well we got the good news just a couple of days ago. Lisa Colby is sending us a package filled with jewels - We are not sure what we will be getting - - we left it up to her. So I pilfered some images from her website - maybe we will get some things like the images below. (Lisa if you read this I hope you don't mind that I took some of your images!) We knew Lisa when we lived in Saluda NC - she was in Asheville. Also through Penland School of Crafts. Can't wait to see the MOD wares - expertly constructed -

Thanks Lisa -


Monday, April 5, 2010

kidrobot week - NEW arrivals.

Lucky us - our Sample happened to be The Cursed Twins - by the Argentinian designer Patricio Oliver - part of the Cucos Mini Series. Graphic macabre!

We also plunged into the world of PLUSH - with a box of Fortune PORK Series 2 from the England Based Designers Mike and Katie together they are TADO. Get them while you can. Also expecting -----
1) Futurama by Matt Groening
2) Tic Toc Mini Series by
Amanda Visell who lives in Los Angeles .
3)MUNNY v4 GID - (BIG) do it yourself fun.

Plus zipits, yummy breakfast, luckies, lets hang, I lLove animals, Rollin Stock, fatcap series 2, more Ye Olde English Dunny's, Plus More


Thursday, April 1, 2010

KID ACNE - "Rollin Stock"

Lucky to come across this unopened case of Rollin Stock by KID ACNE - hard to find as mostly SOLD OUT - We have 20 come and get em!