Sunday, April 18, 2010

Joanna Gollberg - PRONG SETTER.....

Joanna Gollberg - up in our MADE shop CRIB!
Very happy to have the inventive sterling PRONG sets of Joanna Gollberg at MADE shop.
She is a Asheville NC native and if you need more information just check out her RESUME.

Her mix of Rough and Faceted - Precious and NOT - stones adds tons of color and intrigue to her soldered "cages". Each stone is different gets its own special cage/prong set. WE love having cool studio jewelry here at our shop. Small studio made jewels lead to more coolness in your life. If you want to see the work live just come on down to the shop we would be happy to show you all of it.

Also new Jewels by Lisa Colby, Stacey Lane, and Ceramicist Ron Philbeck - plus lots and lots of new KIDROBOTS.

As the sign on the door says - BEWARE THE COOL STUFF! - (IDE WROTE THAT)

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