Monday, April 5, 2010

kidrobot week - NEW arrivals.

Lucky us - our Sample happened to be The Cursed Twins - by the Argentinian designer Patricio Oliver - part of the Cucos Mini Series. Graphic macabre!

We also plunged into the world of PLUSH - with a box of Fortune PORK Series 2 from the England Based Designers Mike and Katie together they are TADO. Get them while you can. Also expecting -----
1) Futurama by Matt Groening
2) Tic Toc Mini Series by
Amanda Visell who lives in Los Angeles .
3)MUNNY v4 GID - (BIG) do it yourself fun.

Plus zipits, yummy breakfast, luckies, lets hang, I lLove animals, Rollin Stock, fatcap series 2, more Ye Olde English Dunny's, Plus More


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