Sculpture and Lighting

I often mention that I am also a lighting designer and Sculptor.  Up until this point I have never shared in Process shots of my work but just rediscovered these images of a lighting project I did for a private client in California.  The project consisted of a large "FRANKIES" sign/light to sit on a high shelf for the clients at home bar and also three large pendants to hang from a 60" x 12" x 1" ceiling cap.  Unfortunately I never got an image of the Ceiling "cap".  It was very cool.  The frankies sign measured 48 x 20 x 12" and stood on it own.  It was fabricated using primarily copper, brass, steel, sterling, glass, found objects both from my collection and select few items from the client.  The sign front had to have a removable door in order to change the bulbs.  This took too much time to measure and the end result was a masterpiece - in my humble opinion.  I continue to work with the Architectural Firm that coordinated this project and am open to more oportunities to make work that matches the quality of this project. - Anyone interested in finding out more or working on potential project either personally or professionally should shoot me an email.

Ask questions if you want to.


Floor shot while assembling..........

48" long

12" deep

20" tall

The door component before installation -

Each of these fixtures was 21" tall and 10" Wide and Fit onto a 60 x 12" ceiling plate.

Back of fixture with hole for heat release - pieces on the floor are the individually fitted angles to make the edges pretty.

Piece before "personal" touches (aka client's parts) were added.

close up ...

side and edge details

more details


close shot of back side of fixture

nice details

more of the same

Finished piece shot on ugly paper.
Thanks for looking and now you know where to get one of these MADE.