Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Restoration in Progress. Open for business!

Hello All -

Last week was a doozie - first we had family matters - had to close on Sunday and then Monday had to close early so I could get my wisdom teeth yanked - not fun I must say but OVER. I am a bit sore but looking forward to the un-sore times.

So - all that stuff is over for now but let me fill you in on a couple of things MADE shop related in the very near future,

1) Saturday May 1st we will be participating in INDIEpendent handmade market at the Trexlertown Grange. - details click the link.

2) Sunday May 2nd we will be participating in the OCAC Community Block Party. (video from last years event)
At both events we will have a selection of items from the discerning eyes of the MADE shop owners - (ME and Tess)

3)on the 28th of MAY the whole FAM is off to IRELAND for a much needed visit. WE will try to post from there if we get a chance. WE will be visiting a few Dublin Galleries and picking up work from our Gallery in Kilkenny - Also a visit to Thomastown - Grennan Mill Craft School - to see about perhaps teaching a workshop in the future. I will be back in town on the 17th of June.

Plus tons of NEW work at the shop -

Stop on by and check out our wares.


Lisa Colby in the house!

Great wares from the ST. Louis maker - my motherland by the way!

Just wanted to mention (if you had not noticed already)that I have been slowly for the past few weeks renovating the windows at the MADE shop. Some time ago I discovered that the trim around all of the front windows is COPPER. Actually not just your average copper but fancy embossed copper - unfortunately with at least 3-4 layers of paint.

So - my goal is to:
1)rid said copper of paint
2)"polish" said copper
3)UV lacquer said copper
4)ending with beautiful Copper lined window.
5)plus adding at least 20+ inches to front window with the discovery of painted over - top window portions
6)inside ceiling will be torn down and prettied up to expose fore mentioned top window section
7)resulting in a "larger" feeling to MADE shop inside and out.

First round discovery and contemplation stage - (Should I or Shouldn't I)

in process stripping

in process stripping

lacquer coated copper trim

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