Tuesday, February 9, 2010



So, it's going to snow again in Kutztown, PA, USA tomorrow. Actually, it is snowing as I write to all of you out in cyberspace. I was really looking forward to opening the store and hanging out with some good music and greeting people who were desperate to find that special something for their Valentine! I was looking forward to showing them the Rock Creek Pottery above.....and this....


Wall Piece - "Brushes" ($425) by David Jones (co-owner of MADE shop)......or this
another cool wall piece - "Wind" by David Jones ($275) or this....


Hand Made Japanese card ($10.95)

Tomorrow I will wake up and this little town will be covered with snow and our little shop will dig itself out and try to open it's doors for a few hours. Here's to making good things.

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  1. Wow nice to see some Rock Creek Pottery. I guess those are collectors items now. Love Dave's wall pieces. Happy shoveling.