Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Diggin' Time!

So, the snow is coming down like crazy and Dave is at the shop as I write trying to get a head start on the shoveling. Will the shop be open today?? Not likely.
Today is an exciting day however as we are going to be making our new window display. Hopefully it will be installed in the next day or so. Will check in with more thoughts & updates later. In the meantime enjoy the shots of our snowy shop front!

yep - pretty blizzardy!


  1. David and Tess...Cynthia (aka Cindy Mcclure) here...was SO EXCITED to see the piece about you in the Reading Eagle the other day, and can not wait to come and see your shop...I saw one photo on here of a bluebird on a child's block with you still have it, and if so, for how much? I am also blogging, just started last week...I will follow yours, and good luck with this shop, that I can not wait to see....

  2. Hi...I posted a comment already somewhere and wanted to add to it, but can not find it...Cynthia (Cindy Mcclure) here...I just gave you a plug on my excited to see your shop and can not wait to visit. I read about it in the Eagle last week...I gave you a plug just now on my blog...