Saturday, January 30, 2010

New arrivals - etc.


We have recently sold most of the Japanese Stencil Printed calendar sheets by Takeshi Nishijima but have loose sheets left and two complete calendars.
(back to their motherland of JAPAN)

Of the remaining calendars one is 1971 and the other, I believe, without having it sitting in front of me is 1975. They are without folders and the 1971 has tape marks on reverse. Also just got some great PURSES that are 100% recycled/re-purposed fabric.

The Earth Purse
(two sizes LARGE AND SMALL)
is reversible and uses recycled fabrics from curtains, suits,
pants, dresses or whatever fabric item deemed worthy.
Look for pictures soon - SAY tomorrow.

Stay warm and for a change of pace visit the MADE shop.


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