Sunday, December 13, 2009


We are open on Sundays, a day I believe is when the word cabin fever was invented. It is a day when I need to SLAM the door behind me and wander for a while. I sit in our shop and wait for fellow wanderers........and they come. It is raining but their faces tell me "I know the weather is foul but I needed to get out and find something alive!" I am here, I am alive, I have a little Yann Tiersen vibrating the walls and they begin to feel a little like they have left Kansas. They are transported to the world of fellow studio artists like Ayala Naphtali, Terri Logan, David Weeks, Sam Buxton, Shawn Ireland, Bandana Pottery, and the secret underground world of Evereman (I know his/her identity but "I'll never tell") and the above, sort of below ground of Kidrobot. I regale them with stories and probably give them a little more than their Sunday stroll bargained for. They leave nonetheless with a MADE shop bag in hand and go home glad they threw on their coat and left the world of mundane behind them!
Happy Sundays.........hope to see you.

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